Beauty Tips for the Bride-To-Be

It's time to put your bridal beauty routine into action. It's 2 months before the wedding day. We assume you have been working hard at the gym already for a few months and are ready to focus on the details. For a bride-to-be that is skin, hair and nails. Here are some top tips to help you prepare for the wedding day.

Skin Care

1. Start your skin care routine from the inside. Make sure you eat plenty of healthy foods that are known to promote good skin health. Some to consider are: fatty fish such as salmon (Victoria Beckham swears by it and eats it every day), avocados, fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts. If you have access to fresh coconut juice try to drink one every day. It's like a magic formula for beautiful skin.

2. If you can afford a beauty therapist it's a good idea to book a program leading up to the day including exfoliation, facials and maybe some laser treatment if you have blemishes or sun spots. You can do it yourself for a more affordable cost. In this case start early and find out with what your skin reacts to best. Don't leave it to the last minute and do a at home facial that might leave your skin red and irritated.

3. Hire a professional hair and make-up artist and do a trial about 2 weeks before the wedding if possible. Send them photos of your skin and hair style before meeting, as well as inspiration photos of what you would like to look like on the day. Check if they offer lashes and hair extensions so you have time to buy your own if needed. Also check if the makeup artist offers airbrush for the foundation. It's really amazing for keeping the makeup looking fresh and perfect all day long.

4. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. This is an important and perhaps obvious beauty tip, but one many forget. So make sure you are drinking a lot of fluids (water, not champagne) and you will have fresh, glowing skin all day long.

Bonus tip: If you can find a person who offers both hair and make-up service it will be ideal as it will be faster and easier to have one person do the work.

Hair Care

1. Get your hair trimmed slightly 1-2 weeks before the wedding. For any major hairstyle changes do it as early as possible. If you don't like it then you have time to grow it back. Buy some leave-in conditioning treatments and splash out on some expensive shampoo and conditioner for the month leading up to the wedding.

Bonus tip: If you are having a destination wedding and have blond hair be careful of resort pools. A lot of chlorine used can make your hair turn green. Not a look you want, but happens quite often to brides getting married in the tropics.

2. If there is ever a time to try waxing then it's now. You can get all the unwanted hair removed in a slightly painful, but productive hour a week before the wedding and forget about it until you are a month into married life. Otherwise stick to shaving but always the day before the wedding. A nervous bride and razor never go together.

Nail Care

1. It's definitely worth investing in a special manicure and pedicure for your wedding so that photo of the bling slipping onto your finger finally is absolutely perfect. French tip nails look modern and beautiful. Or go all out and get gel or acrylic nails to be really fancy. Never do your nails on the wedding day. Give them time to dry rock solid so there are no last minute accidents which can be really stressful.

You will look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day. The bridal beauty tips will carry you from the wedding day and right through the honeymoon as you begin married life. Some of the tips are luxury pleasures and some are adding work to your already busy routine. Either way it will be totally worth it to be looking and feeling gorgeous as you glide down the aisle during your wedding ceremony to marry the man of your dreams.

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