Eyelash Extensions (cluster)


We offer cluster eyelash extensions which are a group of eyelashes knotted at the base. They are applied with glue along your lash line. ​​

Eyebrow Waxing


Eyebrow Tinting


Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying dye to your eyebrows to enhance and define your brows. The tint usually lasts anywhere from 3-8 weeks.


$150 & up

Hair relaxers are used to straighten hair by loosening the natural curl.


Relaxer Touch Up   

$100 & up

Relaxer applied to touch up new hair growth.


Deep Conditioning 

 $35 & up

Deep conditioning improves the health of your hair to create a soft and shiny look and feel. It includes nutrients that will rejuvenate and repair your mane.   



$250 & up 

Using a Keratin treatment on your hair will treat hair frizz, make your wavy or curly hair straighter and smoother, improve your hair color, and make your hair look healthier.       


Bond Protector 

 $25 & up

A bond protector is an additive that is used during the hair coloring process to protect against possible damage to the hair follicle.     


Make-up Application


(HD/Photoshoot Ready)   

Our stylists will do a full makeup application and use makeup and techniques that look best on camera and/or tv.


Mini Express Makeup   


If you need a specific area of makeup done (like your eyes) but do not need a full makeover, try our Mini Express Makeup service.


Dry Cut 


Come in as you are and our stylists will give you the cut you want without the

wash & style.

 Wash & Cut             


Wash and haircut - then you get to go home and style it the way you want.

Wash Cut & Style   


Wash, haircut, blow dry, and style. The whole experience from the scalp-rub during conditioning to the amazing, light feeling you get when you walk out of the salon.

Men's Cut                                   


Haircut, shape up neck/sides, and style

Child's Cut       


Root Touch Up 


Root Touch up is when we apply hair dye to the roots of your hair to conceal the color of the new hair growth. Root touch ups are usually needed somewhere between 3-6 weeks after your original color appointment.

Balayage  (Short)*

$150 & up

Balayage (Medium)*

$200 & up

Balayage (Long)*

$250 & up

Balayage is a very low maintenance and easily customizable look. This technique is used to lighten your ends and softly blend up to your natural root allowing for a seamless grow out. This service typically only needs a touch up every 8 to 10 weeks.


Bleach Out

$ Schedule consultation for a price quote

All over blonde.


Full Highlight (Short)*

$125 & up

Full Highlight (Medium)*

$150 & up

Full Highlight (Long)*

$200 & up

A full highlight is where we take strands of your hair all over your head and make them brighter or lighter than your base or natural color. 


Partial Highlight (Short)*

$75 & up 

Partial Highlight (Medium)*

$95 & up

Partial Highlight (Long)*

$125 & up

A partial highlight is where we either focus on a certain section of your hair or only partially highlight your hair. 


Mini Highlight

$65 & up

A mini highlight is where we apply highlights to a small area of your hair, usually the hair that frames your face. 


Color Correction

$Book a consultation for an official price quote 

Color correction can take hours depending on the damage. Our stylists will correct the damage caused by another color service gone wrong and do our best to return your color to your desired shade. 


Add on Toner/Shadow Root


A toner is used after blonding services to cancel out any brassy or unwanted shades in the hair. Thereby allowing us to then add in your desired shade of blonde.

    *Add on Pro series bond protection and damage prevention is highly recommended for any blonding service.

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